Unified Aruba Controller Discovery

This time is about some basic things. I will describe the unified Aruba controller discovery process. With the new unified software, the process is the same for IAP and CAP. Actually, with the new unified software, there is no IAP or CAP anymore. The Aruba discovery process is a simple process. The AP uses this … Read more Unified Aruba Controller Discovery

Backup ESXi Server – Lab System

My lab environment is more and more important for some of my daily tasks. But I do not care about the system itself. The only requirement is that it has to run. but as it get’s more and more important I started thinking about a backup. ESXi has no built-in function for this and external … Read more Backup ESXi Server – Lab System

VXLAN: Implementation

This post will describe one option to implement a VXLAN enabled fabric. I will use VSR router to create the fabric and create the overlay using VXLAN. I already gave a general overview about VXLAN in an earlier post here:VXLAN: What is VXLAN VXLAN Implementation Introduction Before I will start to describe the configuration I … Read more VXLAN: Implementation

HowTo: Proxmox Live Backup

In this post, I will show, how to configure and schedule Proxmox live backup to get a full backup of your VM without downtime. I use this for my server once a week and save the created backup to an external backup device. Configure Proxmox Live Backup The Proxmox live backup uses the snapshot technology of … Read more HowTo: Proxmox Live Backup

HowTo: Postfix and Dovecot in front of Scalix

In this post I would like to show, how to set up Postfix and Dovecot in front of Scalix on a Debian system, for security and mail filter reasons. I assume, that you have a running Scalix installation and full management access. If you need help to install Scalix on Debian, you can use my last … Read more HowTo: Postfix and Dovecot in front of Scalix