Unified Aruba Controller Discovery

Reading Time: 7 minutes This time is about some basic things. I will describe the unified Aruba controller discovery process. With the new unified software, the process is the same for IAP and CAP. Actually, with the new unified software, there is no IAP or CAP anymore. The Aruba discovery process is a simple process. The AP uses this … Read more

iMC Operator Login with Radius (ClearPass)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Long ago, I configured my iMC server to use AD based operator login. you can read the post here. After having ClearPass up and running I will do the iMC operator login with radius. This post describes how this works. iMC Operator Login: Prepare ClearPass The first step is to prepare ClearPass. Those are the normal steps … Read more

Traffic Capture with VMWare ESXi

Reading Time: 5 minutes My plan is to blog more about solutions and how to configure them and show how the packets look like. As I haven’t plenty of hardware I will use VMWare ESXi to simulate most of the stuff using HPE VSR routers. Therefore I was looking for a way to capture traffic of a specific VM … Read more