HowTo: Install Scalix on Debian

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this post I would like to show, how to install Scalix on Debian. The system is running the latest version of Debian in a minimal installation. In my last post, about this topic I installed Postfix and Scalix on the same host. This time, I will install Scalix on a host and Postfix for … Read more

HowTo: Create a New VM with Proxmox

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this post, I would like to show, how to create a new VM with Proxmox by using the web based wizard. Before you can start you should have installed Proxmox on the host and configured the networking respectively. You can find my how to here: How To: Install Proxmox on Debian Wheezy How To: … Read more

Windows DHCP Server Configuration Backup/Restore

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this post, I will show, how to Backup and Restore the Windows DHCP Server configuration and how to use this method to import the HP Vendor Specific Options for the HP AP’s. The configuration will be backuped as a text file, which can easily be modified to match the configuration of a new server. DHCP … Read more

HowTo: iMC Webserver ​Certificate

Reading Time: 6 minutes This post will describe the process of installing your own iMC webserver certificate for the iMC webserver. We will create a certificate template for Windows Server 2008R2 and use this template for the certificate. This certificate is than exported and used as the iMC webserver certificate. Most of the information comes from the HP documentation on … Read more

Update on Current Changes

Reading Time: < 1 minute During the last weeks, I was not able to generate  content for this blog, but instead of enjoying the good weather I worked on the server. I moved the blog from a web space hoster to my server. This took some time due to some configuration challenges, but now, the page is loading faster and … Read more