Reading Time: 2 minutes As you already noticed, I migrated the blog to a new platform. The blog is now hosted at and I will explain why: It took to much time to maintain the server and the blog itself, keeping it up to date and so on, that I had no time to write posts. I do … Read more

Thank you for more than 100 Clicks on one Day

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Yesterday, we reached a new record for clicks per day. With the help of you all, I got more than 100 clicks. This is outstanding and means a lot for me. From those great figures, I can see, that the stuff I post is really appreciated and helpful. Currently, I have a lot of ideas … Read more

Update on Current Changes

Reading Time: < 1 minutes During the last weeks, I was not able to generate  content for this blog, but instead of enjoying the good weather I worked on the server. I moved the blog from a web space hoster to my server. This took some time due to some configuration challenges, but now, the page is loading faster and … Read more

Thank you for >1000 visits

Wordpress Stats

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Thank you to all of you, visiting my blog and reading my posts. Since I have started using the WordPress platform in July, I received more than 1000 visits. In just two month. I’m very curious to see, how long it will take to get 5000 visits. If you think, my posts are valuable, share … Read more

Move to WordPress

Reading Time: < 1 minutes After 6 Month with Blogger (the Goolge blogging platform) I decided to move to my own Webspace and will from now on use WordPress for my postings. WordPress brings a lot of flexibility and I will enhance this site over time. After spending a whole day for migration, I hope that every post is migrated … Read more

The start of a journey…

Reading Time: < 1 minutes This is my first post which should describe what will be posted here. But first of all to myself. I am a Solution Architect, working in the networking industry. In my free time I spend a lot of time with my family and try to find the time for some sport activities, like Mountain-biking and … Read more

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