Hi Reader,

My name is Florian Baaske and I work in the networking industry since 2010. 

I used this blog mainly for learning in the early days. The idea is, that if I can create a blog post about something and can describe it to someone else I can be sure that I have understood the problem and the solution. 
The second goal for this blog is to share knowledge with the community and help others with networking stuff

Personally, I live in a small town near Dortmund in Germany together with my wonderful wife, our four kids and our dog. 
They require a lot of time but whenever possible I try to write something here. 

Looking forward to getting in touch with you, either by your comments, by mail or even personally on one of the social events in the networking world.

As stated in my profile, I’m writing on my own and did not express the opinion of anyone else than myself. All the Information, provided in this blog are general available or based on my experience. There are no internal information from any employer.