Thanks to NGZ That I lost all my Data

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Due to a Problem with the Provider hosting my Blog, I lost all my data from the last 7 years of writing. I had a local backup, but their backup script messed it up and deleted everything.

I will try to catch up as fast as possible to create new content for you.

I will build up the page during the next days and start blogging as soon as possible.

***UPDATE FROM April 9th***

After some sleepless nights, I could recover most of my content with the help of google cache. I changed my backup strategy as well to make sure I will have a working backup if something like this happens again.

But I still wait for comment from my hosting provider, why my database simply disappeared from the server and why the backup was not working as expected.

They moved me to a different server, so there must be something wrong with the old one.

I couldn’t recover all the comments below the posts, so start commenting again and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Thanks to NGZ That I lost all my Data”

    • Hi Jannie,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Google is always your friend, so I try to recover from the Google Cache in order to bring eventhe old content back online. Looks like I will have long days and short nights in the upcomming days.


  1. Hi Florian,
    I believe you are quite frustrated.
    I have been reading your posts for several years with great interest, so keep up the good work.
    Recently, I have been assigned a task to do mirroring on a VLAN to a specifik port in a Comware 7 IRF environment.
    I have done a lot of searching, but haven’t found any relevant documents, so I wonder if you have ever come across this ?


    • Hi Flemming,
      Thanks for your feedback. I’m currently recovering using the google cache. Which takes a lot of time, but I’m sure, I will be able to rescue most of my stuff.

      I haven’t done port mirroring with IRF so far. But I can check out. Just give me some time.



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