Backup ESXi Server – Lab System

Reading Time: 7 minutes My lab environment is more and more important for some of my daily tasks. But I do not care about the system itself. The only requirement is that it has to run. but as it get’s more and more important I started thinking about a backup. ESXi has no built-in function for this and external … Read more

CLI based OVA/OVF Deployment for ESXi

Reading Time: 6 minutes I use ESXi in my lab and need to deploy new VM’s on a regular basis. Whenever possible, I use an OVA/OVF deployment as this is very handy and easy. Unfortunately, I have no vSphere license so I use the ESXi embedded host client for administration. This shiny web UI has one drawback. It cannot deploy OVA/OVF … Read more

VXLAN: Implementation

Reading Time: 8 minutes This post will describe one option to implement a VXLAN enabled fabric. I will use VSR router to create the fabric and create the overlay using VXLAN. I already gave a general overview about VXLAN in an earlier post here:VXLAN: What is VXLAN VXLAN Implementation Introduction Before I will start to describe the configuration I … Read more

Traffic Capture with VMWare ESXi

Reading Time: 5 minutes My plan is to blog more about solutions and how to configure them and show how the packets look like. As I haven’t plenty of hardware I will use VMWare ESXi to simulate most of the stuff using HPE VSR routers. Therefore I was looking for a way to capture traffic of a specific VM … Read more

HowTo: Setup an OpenVPN Server

Reading Time: 8 minutes This time, I would like to describe how I setup my OpenVPN server at home. I use this server to tunnel my traffic home, when using an open Wifi network at hotels or airports, to make sure, my traffic is encrypted. I also use the tunnel. to get access to my mail server when being … Read more

How to: Install the HP VSR Router in ESXi

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, I would like to show the installation of the HP VSR (Virtual Service Router) on an ESXi host. It should also work for ESX. The VSR is a virtual router, running on VMWare and KVM. It will also run in VMWare player and workstation without consuming a lot of resources, which makes it ideal … Read more