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Unified Aruba Controller Discovery

Aruba Controller Discovery - Option 43

This time is about some basic things. I will describe the unified Aruba controller discovery process. With the new unified software, the process is the same for IAP and CAP. Actually, with the new unified software, there is no IAP or CAP anymore. The Aruba discovery process is a simple process. The AP uses this […]

How Aruba Central Provisioning Works

How Aruba Central Provisioning Works

This time I will¬†demonstrate the Aruba central provisioning process, to zero touch deploy switches and Aruba Instant AP’s. The process is using Aruba Activate as well. But let’s start at the beginning. What is Aruba Central Aruba Central is the cloud based management solution from HPE Aruba. In the past, Aruba Central was used to […]