UAM Portal Authentication Enhancement

UAM Transparent Portal User

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this post I will show, how to enhance the usage of the UAM portal authentication. This will enhance the usage for mobile endpoints and for desktop/laptop users. I add this configuration to my best practices and will encourage all of my peers to use this kind of UAM portal authentication configuration. I tested this … Read more

New Version of iMC and the 5130 Switch is Released

Reading Time: 2 minutes The new version is 7.1. Most of the modules are available with this version. There was also a switch released. The 5130 is the Comware7 version of the 5120. Yesterday, a new Version of iMC was released. The new version is version 7.1 and most of the modules are also available with this new version … Read more

MSM Config Backup via CLI

MSM Dashboard

Reading Time: < 1 minute In the last days, I came across a problem, where I was not able to reach the web GUI of my MSM controller. Before resetting the controller, I was looking for the config and I found a way to backup the configuration via CLI. The MSM config backup works quite easy. You just need to … Read more

HowTo: Scalix, Fight Against Spam with Postfix


Reading Time: 4 minutes This post will describe how to fight against spam on a Scalix system with the help of Postfix. I assume you replaced the Scalix SMTPD with Postfix, as described in this post: How To: Replace Scalix SMTPD with Postfix As the picture above indicates, sometimes, spam could be a good idea, but when talking about … Read more

HowTo: Replace Scalix SMTPD with Postfix


Reading Time: 5 minutes In this post I will describe how to replace Scalix SMTPD with Postfix to use the flexibility of Postfix for Spam and Virus fighting.You should read my installation instructions before starting the steps below. You can find the installation instructions for Scalix on a Debian with Postfix here: How to: Install Scalix on Debian using … Read more

Update on Current Changes

Reading Time: < 1 minute During the last weeks, I was not able to generate  content for this blog, but instead of enjoying the good weather I worked on the server. I moved the blog from a web space hoster to my server. This took some time due to some configuration challenges, but now, the page is loading faster and … Read more

HowTo: Install Scalix on Debian using Postfix instead of Sendmail

Reading Time: 4 minutes Over the last weeks I got the idea to set up my own server. I did this years before, during my study time but when starting to work I was too busy to maintain my server. Now, I regret this and would like to bring this blog to my own server. While doing this, I … Read more

How to: Install the HP VSR Router in ESXi

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, I would like to show the installation of the HP VSR (Virtual Service Router) on an ESXi host. It should also work for ESX. The VSR is a virtual router, running on VMWare and KVM. It will also run in VMWare player and workstation without consuming a lot of resources, which makes it ideal … Read more

HP Network Simulator is Released

Reading Time: < 1 minute HP released the first public available HP Network Simulator software today. It was tested internally by the technical folks and is now available to everyone. You will find it here: The¬†HP Network Simulator will create a virtual environment with Comware7 based network devices. It is very helpful for getting started with HP network equipment or … Read more

HowTo: MSM Captive Portal with Remote Authentication

MSM captive portal

Reading Time: 4 minutes This time I would like to describe the configuration of a local MSM captive portal on the MSM controller with a remote authentication, using iMC UAM. For a better understanding of the principles, you should read this post: How To: MSM Local Captive Portal With Local Authentication I will reuse a lot from this post, … Read more

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