Reading Time: 2 minutes As you already noticed, I migrated the blog to a new platform. The blog is now hosted at and I will explain why: It took to much time to maintain the server and the blog itself, keeping it up to date and so on, that I had no time to write posts. I do … Read more

Thank you for more than 100 Clicks on one Day

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yesterday, we reached a new record for clicks per day. With the help of you all, I got more than 100 clicks. This is outstanding and means a lot for me. From those great figures, I can see, that the stuff I post is really appreciated and helpful. Currently, I have a lot of ideas … Read more

Update on Current Changes

Reading Time: < 1 minute During the last weeks, I was not able to generate  content for this blog, but instead of enjoying the good weather I worked on the server. I moved the blog from a web space hoster to my server. This took some time due to some configuration challenges, but now, the page is loading faster and … Read more

Thank you for >1000 visits

Wordpress Stats

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thank you to all of you, visiting my blog and reading my posts. Since I have started using the WordPress platform in July, I received more than 1000 visits. In just two month. Iā€™m very curious to see, how long it will take to get 5000 visits. If you think, my posts are valuable, share … Read more

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