MSM Config Backup via CLI

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In the last days, I came across a problem, where I was not able to reach the web GUI of my MSM controller. Before resetting the controller, I was looking for the config and I found a way to backup the configuration via CLI. The MSM config backup works quite easy. You just need to connect to the MSM controller via SSH or console and get into the config mode. There are three required commands and the config will be uploaded to your FTP server. Below are the commands for a MSM config backup:

CLI(config)# config-update uri ftp://user:pass@ip-address
CLI(config)# config-update operation backup
CLI(config)# config-update start

The first command will set the FTP server, the second one will set the operation to backup, default is to restore and with the last command you start the procedure. Afterwards, you should find the config on the FTP server.

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