HowTo: iMC Webserver ​Certificate

This post will describe the process of installing your own iMC webserver certificate for the iMC webserver. We will create a certificate template for Windows Server 2008R2 and use this template for the certificate. This certificate is than exported and used as the iMC webserver certificate. Most of the information comes from the HP documentation on … Read moreHowTo: iMC Webserver ​Certificate

HowTo: iMC License Registration

This post will cover the topic of iMC license registration as I always get questions around this topic. To be able to register and activate the iMC license, you should have an account for the HPN MyNetworking portal. You can find the portal here: If you did not have an account register one before … Read moreHowTo: iMC License Registration

HowTo: Postfix with TLS

This time I would like to show, how to secure the connection between postfix and the client with the help of a certificate by using postfix with TLS support. You can use your own certificate authority for that or a public one. I will use StartSSL to create my certificate and use postfix with TLS. If you … Read moreHowTo: Postfix with TLS

HowTo: MSM with UAM Captive Portal

This time I would like to show, how to use the UAM captive portal with the MSM solution. As the MSM solution did not support the portal protocol, which is used to transfer all the necessary information from the UAM captive portal server to the access device, we have to use at least one Comware … Read moreHowTo: MSM with UAM Captive Portal

UAM Portal Authentication Enhancement

UAM Transparent Portal User

In this post I will show, how to enhance the usage of the UAM portal authentication. This will enhance the usage for mobile endpoints and for desktop/laptop users. I add this configuration to my best practices and will encourage all of my peers to use this kind of UAM portal authentication configuration. I tested this … Read moreUAM Portal Authentication Enhancement