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As you already noticed, I migrated the blog to a new platform. The blog is now hosted at and I will explain why:

  • It took to much time to maintain the server and the blog itself, keeping it up to date and so on, that I had no time to write posts.
  • I do not want to care about application security for wordpress. I will not say, that wordpress is insecure, but you should keep your installation up to date to get best protection against security threads, which leads also to my first point, as I had to test very update before actually updating the blog

Those points where my most important points to go with blogger and I promise I will publish more posts soon. More than the last month 


The migration went quite smooth and I did everything to get all content to the new platform. Even if there is no direct path to migrate from WordPress to blogger it can be achieved by using the import/export function of both systems.

  1. Export the content from wordpress by using Tools–>Export in the wordpress admin panel. Select all and download the backup file.
  2. Upload the created file to this page and convert the file into a blogger readable format:
  3. Use the file from step 2 and import the file to blogger: Settings–>Other and use the “Import Content” button.
  4. Check you images and content. Especially images cannot not be transferred using this method. I went through all of my posts and inserted them again into the post. This took the most time of the migration.
  5. As I use my own domain, I changed my DNS entries for this domain, to point to the blogger content server.

After all, this is my first post in the new environment and I’m still happy. If you have arguments for one or the other blogging system or questions about the migration please leave a comment below.

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