The start of a journey…

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This is my first post which should describe what will be posted here. But first of all to myself. I am a Solution Architect, working in the networking industry.

In my free time I spend a lot of time with my family and try to find the time for some sport activities, like Mountain-biking and Volleyball. Now, I would like to add blogging to my hobbies and I really enjoyed it, to write this first post, that I am very confident, that a lot more posts will follow.

My post will be based on my own experience and should help other to build complex network solutions. Currently, I have some topics on my mind, but I hope, that we will find new topics together, based on questions from the community. It would be great, to see the community actively take part in this blog and help me to make it successful. It will be successful, when the information, provided by myself is helping you.

In the beginning, I will try to post once a month, depending on my time to prepare the topics. If I have the feeling, it would be helpful to post more frequent, I will try my very best, to do so. If you have any questions to my posts, leave a command or contact me directly, I will be more than happy to find an answer for you.

As stated in my profile, I’m writing in my own and did not express the opinion of anyone else than myself. All the Information, provided in this blog are generally available or based on my experience. There is no internal information from any vendor.

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