Operator Login with ClearPass TACACS+

Reading Time: 10 minutes This post is all about operator login with ClearPass. I show the implementation of authenticating a network operator to Aruba Switches, Comware based switches, Aruba Controller and AirWave. For some devices, I will show the process with TACACS+. For those, which do not support TACACS+, I use radius authentication, which I describe in a later … Read more

HowTo: Aruba VIA

Reading Time: 7 minutes This time, I would like to show the configuration of the Virtual Intranet Access client. I use this one as a replacement for my OpenVPN installation. The aim is, to have an encrypted connection, even when using public hot spots. The great thing, Aruba VIA is also available to mobile phones, like my iPhone.In this post, … Read more

Development Environment for an Internal Application for the HPE VAN SDN Controller

Reading Time: 7 minutes In this post, I would like to describe the steps needed to set up an development environment for an internal application for the HPE VAN SDN controller. My aim is to use this environment to start writing a simple application for the HPE VAN SDN controller later on. I will use Ubuntu as the development … Read more