HowTo: iMC Access Templates

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this post, I will show, how to create iMC access templates, to configure the iMC access to devices. I will show, how to create a SNMP template, a telnet template and a SSH template. Those templates are used to define, how iMC should try to access the device and which credentials should be used. … Read more

HowTo: Use Reverse SSH Tunnel for Rsync Backup on a Synology DS

Reading Time: 4 minutes This post will describe, how to use a reverse ssh tunnel to backup an external device, like a server to your Synology DS via rsync. I have to use the reverse SSH tunnel function, as my DS is behind my firewall at home and my server (which should use the DS for backup) is in … Read more

HowTo: Enable SSH and Rsync on Synology DS

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post will describe how to enable SSH and rsync on a Synology DS. This will allow you to use your DS as a backup server. For this post, I use the Synology DS412+ with the latest version of DSM 5.1-5004. Enable SSH and Rsync Before I start, I would like to explain the environment, in … Read more