HPE Greenlake SSO with Google Workspace

Reading Time: 7 minutes For many organisations is it obvious to use HPE Greenlake SSO to authenticate their users for that service. From my personal experience I can tell that most of them require help somewhere in the process. There are plenty posts about using HPE Greenlake SSO with Azure like the one on the HPE Developer Blog: Configuring … Read more

ClearPass SSO with Google Workspace

ClearPass SSO with Google Workspace - Access Tracker Input

Reading Time: 8 minutes You can easily configure ClearPass SSO to use Google Workspace for all kinds of Single Sign On based logins. This post will show how to use Google Workspace to authenticate your ClearPass Operators and Guest admins. I have quite a similar post with Azure AD here: ClearPass SSO with Azure AD If you read the … Read more

ClearPass with Gmail SMTP Server

ClearPass with Gmail - Add Context Server

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of you will use some kind of mail server to allow ClearPass sending mails. So even if you do not use ClearPass with Gmail, this might be interesting, even if the ClearPass part is the simple part of this post. If you use a Gmail account for sending emails from your ClearPass this might … Read more