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The last years were quite challenging and I’m sure, this year will not change this on the short run. The Pandemic, followed by supply chain issues did not only affected our professional lives, but our personal lives as well. And while I was hoping that everything will get better in 2022, we saw this brutal war in Ukraine. This affected our personal lives even more.

But despite that unwelcome news I really hope that everybody of you had its own “be happy” stories as well. I personally can tell that my personal and professional life had many “be happy” stories last year and for sure there will be many “be happy” stories in 2023 as well.

Let’s share some insights about this blog for the last year. I had over 66k views from nearly 45k visitors. This is awesome! Most of you visit my page on a Wednesday, which might be, because I publish new post on Wednesdays.

To get even more people on this blog, I have created new stuff during the holidays for 2023 to get latest content online as fast as possible, together with some other projects, I’m currently working on. So, keep tuned.

Something which is visible to all already is something which is not visible anymore. I removed all ads on this blog to make it better to read and use. I switched to a sponsored based approach. Which means, you can now “buy me a pizza” to show your appreciation and support.

I will use that money to keep the site up and running and get the time required to create latest content. There is a small widget in the right menu of the page, and you just need to follow the wizard. It would be great to see that my content is that awesome for you and your daily work that it is worth sponsoring me a pizza.

With that, I hope 2023 will be better than the last years with much fun and success for all of you out there, in your professional and personal lives.

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