HP Cloud-Managed Networking Solution

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Today, I will share some Information about the new HP Cloud-Managed Networking Solution, which will be available in this Month (21.07.2014) to all customers. This Solution will consist of a controller in the Cloud and very easy to install AP’s. The main benefit, you do not have to buy a controller, which is especially for small to medium installations the showstopper for an enterprise class WLAN solution.

The HP Cloud-Managed Networking Solution brings those main benefits:

  • Monitoring
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Simplified Deployment
  • Reporting
  • One-Click Provisioning

In the first version we will see 3 AP’s which will cover the most customer situations. The new HP Cloud-Managed Networking AP’s will have the same features as the current shipping ones but will only work with the Cloud controller. The AP’s are:

  • HP 365 802.11ac Cloud-Managed Access Points (this is the 802.11ac AP)
  • HP 355 802.11n Cloud-Managed Access Points (this is the 802.11n AP)
  • HP 350 802.11n Cloud-Managed Access Points (this is the 802.11n AP with 2×2 MIMO)

They share the same key features:

  • Self-configuration
  • Wi-Fi Clear Connect RF optimization
  • Integrated IDS rogue detection
  • Application awareness and integrated device fingerprinting
  • Motion Aware roaming
  • Centralized firmware upgrades

Currently, I did not have any test units, but as soon as I get my handy on them, I will share some more insights.

Below you will find some useful links with more details:

Channel Partner will find more information in the Channel Drop-Box (The Channel Drop Box is discontinued). Please leave your question below as a comment, or contact your HPE Aruba contact.

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