Happy New Year 2017

Happy new year 2017 to all of you. I wish you and your families all the best for the new year and hope you enjoined the family time during the holidays and you have recharged your batteries to make the year 2017 awesome.

The Past

It was an excited year 2016 for me and I hope you enjoyed the last year as well. With this in mind I used the Christmas holidays to plan for the next and even better year 2017. I tried to figure out what could be interesting for you and help you in your daily work. But I also thought, it would be interesting to help you with getting the greater picture and help you with planning a head.

The Future

I decided to stick with the small articles about the daily work and solving small problems, but I will also work on series of posts to cover more complex solutions and topics. To start, I will write some articles about the all new AOS8 which is publicly available for some month now and is running in my lab environment for more than half a year.
I will also feature ClearPass and the solutions around this software. Together with AOS8 you can build great and scalable solution which makes life easier.

In addition to those, I will also try to create some more strategic posts about the future of networking and specific areas around networking. Those will reflect my personal opinion and experience. My aim is to give you more background information and help you with planning and considering which technology could help you in the future and which strategy is more a dead-end and which can help to build the Network of the future.

Besides those topics, your feedback is always appreciated and will influence the topics I choose. So start joining the communication. Comment below my posts or simply write me a mail. I will answer them all.

If you have any additional topics, you would like to get covered here, this is your chance. Simply write a small comment below, describing what you are looking for. Now!

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